Frequently Asked Questions

Product Use

How do I apply LunaTussin?

Step 1.

Remove Lunatussin from the protective wrapper.

Step 2.

Peel off the backing from both sides to expose the adhesive.

Step 3.

With the adhesive side facing up, center under the nose, and align the circles over the nasal openings.

Step 4.

Gently press the Personal-Humidifier into place between the nasal openings and around the sides of the nose.

Step 5.

Breathe normally, and have a peaceful night.

Does the LunaTussin Personal Humidifier work better than a room humidifier?
As a general rule yes. Unlike a room humidifier LunaTussin captures and releases moisture directly into the respiratory system. That means more moisture concentrated where it’s needed most to relieve even the worst nighttime cough.
How long Does LunaTussin Last?
LunaTussin is designed to stay in place, and work throughout the night.
Is LunaTussin annoying?
No. LunaTussin’s patent pending design insures maximum comfort. You will probably forget it’s there.
I live in Chicago, and during the winter months breathing dry air burns the inside of my nose and throat. Would LunaTussin help solve my problem?
We haven’t thought about that, but your idea makes sense and we bet it will solve your problem.  Give it a try, and let us know what you think.
The humidity in my house can be particularly low at night, even though I have a humidifier on my furnace. When that happens, the inside of my nose get really dry and wakes me up. Would LunaTussin help?
For sure. LunaTussin Personal-Humidifiers dramatically increase the humidity you inhale, and moisten your nasal passages. Try it. We think you’ll be pleased.

Safety and Side Effects

Should I be concerned about side effects?
Absolutely not. Unlike the leading brands of cough and cold medications that all contain potentially harsh side effects, LunaTussin is drug free, and completely safe. There is no risk of nausea, dizziness,vomiting, diarrhea, headache, hives or nervousness.
Are LunaTussin Personal-Humidifiers recommended for children?
We do not recommend LunaTussin for children under 10 years of age.
I’m currently taking cold medicine. Should I stop taking the cold medicine and start using LunaTussin ?
As long as you haven’t taken the cold medicine any longer than the manufacturer’s recommended number of days, we see no reason for you stop. And yes, start using LunaTussin as soon as possible
I’m using cough medicine and nose drops for my cold, but my cough is not getting better. Suggestions?
This one is easy. First, cut back or stop using the nose drops. Second, if the cough medicine is working for you during the day, take the recommended dosage, but start using LunaTussin at night. We’re confident it will help relieve your nighttime cough and at the same time moisten the inside of your nose.
In addition to a cough, I have a runny nose. Can I still use LunaTussin?
You can, but first use a 12 hour nasal spray to the stop your runny nose and clear up any congestion.  Then, apply LunaTussin.  You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.
I have sensitive skin. Are the materials used to manufacture LunaTussin hypoallergenic?
You can use LunaTussin with confidence. All of the materials used to manufacture LunaTussin are hypoallergenic.

Purchase Information

Where can I buy LunaTussin?

LunaTussin is available on