Relieves nighttime coughing

THE First Major Breakthrough FOR Treating A Nighttime Cough In Decades

For over sixty years, humidifiers and over the counter cough medicines have been the go to treatments for a nighttime cough. Until now, not much has changed. Ordinary room humidifiers are still noisy, bulky, messy, and the breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Sometimes the side effects associated with the leading brands of cough and cold medicines, including nausea and dizziness, can be worse than the cough itself. Not anymore.


Now There Is LunaTussin

The Personal Humidifer That Really Is Personal

“Such a simple concept and it totally works.”

Lee N. San Antonio

“Great product and simple to use. Stopped my cough the first night I tried it.”

Linda M., Chicago

“Great product. Exactly what I needed.”

Justin S. Los Angeles

” I keep a box with my toiletries for traveling and one in my medicine cabinet. Life saver!”

Joseph, S. Miami

Each hassle-free LunaTussin Personal-Humidifier is about the size and weight of two postage stamps. They are designed for a single use, are drug free, 100% safe, and disposable. Best of all, they are effective. In fact, a LunaTussin Personal-Humidifier can deliver twice as much moisture than an ordinary room humidifier, when and where it’s needed most.


Place over your nasal passages. Tuck yourself into bed and breathe normally.


Warm moist air soothes inflamed respiratory tissues.


The cough reflex is interrupted calming your cough.


Helps you get the sleep you need to feel better faster.


So comfortable, you won’t even know it’s there.

“More Moisture”

What The Leading Experts Recommend

Healthcare providers agree that adding moisture to the air you breathe helps relieve a nighttime cough, and we agree. They also know that sleep is healing, and not getting enough sleep slows down your body’s ability to heal. If you have a nighttime cough, or think one is in your future, we’re here to help.

“Use a humidifier or steam in the bathroom.”

“Humidifiers moisturize the air, which also helps relieve dry cough symptoms.””

“Try using a humidifier.”

From Frustration

To The Relief You Deserve

With LunaTussin

“We wish you uncompromised relief, a good night’s sleep, and a bright tomorrow.”